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Where can I practice shooting? Is target practice or skeet shooting allowed on public lands? How about from a boat?

Target practice should be limited to public shooting ranges. Use the links below to locate a range near you or check the local telephone listings for commercial ranges. 

The FWC cannot give express permission to enter or access any property other than that managed by the Commission. Target practice or shooting skeet on a FWC Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is always discouraged for safety reasons. Target practice and random discharge of firearms increasingly threatens the quality of the hunting experience and can be dangerous on these multi-use areas. Area users are asked not to discharge firearms at anything other than legal game while in a WMA. The discharge of a firearm outside of periods open to hunting or in areas closed to hunting is prohibited per s. 790.15 F.S.


To determine if you can access or shoot in other areas, you will need to find out who owns or manages the area and ask them what rules or restrictions apply there. City, county, state and federal regulations may all apply depending on the area. Public or private land that is not posted or fenced, including certain beaches and water bodies, may be managed to limit public access or the activities allowed there. You can research the land records at the local county property appraiser's office to determine ownership and/or identify the managing public entity (city, county, state, or other agency).

Target practice on or over the water is never safe. A rifle bullet will ricochet off the surface of the water. In addition to the safety aspect, throwing bottles, cans, and other debris in the water to shoot is littering. Some municipalities have regulations that prohibit the discharge of firearms for any reason or limit activities allowed within their boundaries, including certain bays or harbors. Contact local authorities (sheriff and police) to find out about local restrictions and restricted areas such as military institutions, power plants, state or federal parks or refuges, or other areas where firearms are not allowed.


It is a felony (5 years imprisonment, $5000 fine, or both) to shoot over or across someone else's land without permission, even if there is no house or other structure.



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