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Can I use a cast net to catch mullet in freshwater?

You may harvest mullet in freshwater with a cast net up to 14 feet, unless prohibited by Special Act. However, no freshwater game fish are allowed to be taken or possessed with a cast net.

Chapter 68A-23.002(9), Florida Administrative Code, which allows a bait net, states that freshwater bait fish may be taken with a cast net with no greater than 1 inch stretched mesh. Freshwater non-game fish may be taken by cast net (no size or mesh restriction) in specified areas of the state only.

Where harvesting mullet with a cast net in freshwater is allowed, you should harvest only mullet, unless the stretched mesh of the net you are using is not greater than 1 inch or you are in an area where the harvest of freshwater non-game species with a cast net is allowed. Therefore, if you harvest a freshwater species with the use of a cast net permitted only for mullet, you must return the freshwater species to the water alive and unharmed.

To find out about what nets are allowed in freshwater in your area or Special Acts that restrict the use of a cast net, contact the nearest FWC Regional office for further clarification. Contact information may be found at FWC Regional office.

To determine which freshwater species are considered game, non-game or bait fish; refer to Florida's freshwater fishing regulations.


Fishing - fish, scallops, crabs, etc.
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