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Licenses and Permits

Alligators - What types of permits are required to hunt or trap American alligators?

The FWC has three programs that provide for harvesting alligators from the wild: (1) Statewide Alligator Harvest Program, (2) Private Lands Alligator Management Program, and (3) Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program. Each of these programs provides unique opportunities for participation.

To participate in the statewide public alligator hunt in Florida, you must have an Alligator Trapping License, an alligator trapping permit, and CITES tags. Review the license, permit and fee information on the Statewide Alligator Hunt Permit information page before purchasing a trapping license or applying for permits and tags. Specifics on the seasons, methods, and fees can found by visiting our Statewide Alligator Hunt web page.

The Private Lands Alligator Management Program allows the harvest of non-hatchling alligators and collection of alligator eggs and/or hatchlings on specified private lands. The private land owner (or his designee) would be required to be licensed (an Alligator Trapping License for adult harvest, and an Alligator Farming License for eggs and hatchlings) and permitted (with appropriate tags for adults and hatchlings) to take alligators or alligator eggs on that property.

The FWC contracts with a limited number of private individuals, "Nuisance Alligator Trappers," to remove specific nuisance alligators. Nuisance alligators may only be handled by contracted Nuisance Alligator Trappers.  Please visit our Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program page to learn more.

Persons helping licensed Alligator trappers in any of these programs can become licensed as their agents (Agents License - $51.50 fee) over the Internet, using the toll-free phone number, 1-888-HUNT-FLORIDA (1-888-486-8356), or by going to a tax collector's office or license agent (retail outlet that sells hunting licenses)


Licenses and Permits